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Merits Health P321 EZ-GO Power Wheelchair

List Price: $3,999.00
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Merits P321 EZ-GO Power Wheelchair

The Merits P321 Travel-Ease / EZ-GO is a light weight power wheel chair that disassembles with ease. The EZ-GO is super easy to transport due to the heaviest piece only weighing 34.3 lbs. The total weight of the Merits Health P-321 is only 93.5 lbs. The armrests adjust to your own personal height and width. It comes with a fully padded seat and an adjustable footplate which make the EZ-GO a versatile chair that is simple to transport. This design and technology, will take you anywhere you want to go. The perfect power wheelchair for the person who wants to travel. The EZ-GO breaks down into three easy to handle pieces and the heaviest part of the unit is only 35 Lbs.


  • Rear wheel drive for intuitive steering.
  • Adjustable seat height and adjustable armrest height and width.
  • Compact size and easy disassembly for storage and transportation.
  • Wireless electronic connector.

Key Specs

  • Top Speed: 4.00 Mph.
  • Drive Range: 9.00 Miles
  • Weight Capacity: 250 Lbs.
  • Power Wheelchair Weight: ~112 Lbs.

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Ordering Information & Shipping/Delivery Options

  • The P321 EZ-GO has standard curbside delivery included but if you need assistance assembling it consider upgrading your delivery to the White Glove option at checkout. A technician will come to your home and set it up and remove all packaging materials.
  • This chair ships via a freight company and will arrive in one large box. Because it is shipped by a freight company the delivery time will be 5-7 business days. If you purchase the upgraded White Glove Delivery, expect to have an additional 3-5 days added to your delivery time. Though our White Glove Delivery option includes the set-up of your power chair, comfort adjustments, like foot rest height, will need to be done by the caregiver or user.
More Information
ManufacturerMerits Health
Top Speed4.00 Mph
Turning Radius30.30"
Ground Clearance1.80"
Medicare CodeK0814
User WeightLess Than 250 Lbs.
Power Wheelchair ModelEZ-GO
Power Wheelchair Model NumberP321
Seat Width17"
Seat OptionsCompact Foldable Seat
Seat-to-Floor Height18.00" - 21.00"
Maximum Range Per Charge9.00 Miles
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  Merits P321 EZ-GO
Model Number: P321
Top Speed: 4.00 Mph.
Turning Radius: 30.30"
Drive Range: 9.00 Miles
Weight Capacity: 250 Lbs.
Ground Clearance: 3.00" at Motor
Max Incline Rating:
Standard Seat Width: 17.00"
Standard Seat Depth: 15.00"
Seat-to-Floor Height Range: 18.00"-21.00"
Front Wheels: 6.00" x 2.00" Solid Tires
Rear Wheels: 8.00" x 3.00" Solid Tires
Drive Wheels: 8.00" x 3.00" Solid Tires
Overall Width of Base: 22.00"
Seat Type: Captain's Chair
Battery Weight: 16.00 Lbs (12V/15AH)
Battery Charger: Off-board, 1.5A
Weight of Heaviest Piece: 35.00 Lbs. (Base of Wheelchair)
Medicare Code: Group 2: Standard Powerchair (K0821)
Total Weight: 112 Lbs.

Warranty Information for the Merits P321 EZ-GO



Merits Health Products, Inc. warrants the main frame against defects in material and workmanship for the lifetime expectancy of this power chair (5 years). For one (1) year from the date of purchase, Merits will replace at their option to the original purchaser, free of charge, any of the following parts found upon examination by an authorized representative in the material or workmanship: Electronic controllers, harnesses, chargers, motors. Labor charges incurred in the installation or repair of the above mentioned parts plus all freight charges are not included in the warranty. Warranty exclusions: Tires, plastic or rubber parts, upholstery/arm-pads, painted surfaces, seating, bearings. Merits Health Products, Inc. will repair or replace parts as required, provided that an authorization for such return has been acquired by an established dealer and that the part or parts in question are returned fully insured with freight prepaid to us within the prescribed period of warranty. Labor charges incurred in the installation or repair of the above mentioned parts plus all freight charges are not included in the warranty. Merits Health Products, Inc will not warranty any parts damaged by improper installation and/or repair on the part of the individual owner’s neglect, accident or misuse, nor those parts altered or serviced by an agency not authorized by us.



This warranty does not extend to those items which may require replacement due to normal wear and tear. Full product warranty is extended to the original purchaser for new consumer purchases only. This warranty is not extended to third-party payers or renters for whom a separate rental agreement exists. Please contact your authorized Merits Provider for further information on rental product warranty.

                • ABS Plastic Shrouds

                • Motor Brushes

                • Upholstery and Seating

                • Brake Pads (wear items)

                • Tires and Tubes

                • Fuses/Bulbs

                • Circumstances beyond the control of Merits

                • Labor, service calls, shipping, and other charges incurred for repair of the product, unless specifically authorized, IN ADVANCE, by Merits Mobility Products

                • Repairs and/or modifications made to any part without specific consent from Merits


Exclusions also include components with damage or failure caused by:

                • Contamination

                • Abuse, misuse, accident, or negligence

                • Battery fluid spillage or leakage

                • Items not mentioned as covered specifically will not be covered

                • Use other than normal design specifications

                • Improper operation, maintenance, or storage


NOTE: If there is an increase in the operational noise level in the trans-axle, the warranty does not apply. An increase in operational noise level usually occurs due to abusive and excessive strain on the scooter.

NOTE: Gradual deterioration in performance because the battery has been left in a discharged state, left in cold conditions for an extended period of time, or worn out through heavy use is not covered.

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List Price: $3,999.00