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3-Wheel Travel Scooters

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  1. Drive Medical Spitfire Scout 3-Wheel Power Scooter

    The Spitfire Scout transportable scooter combines easy and convenient mobility with superior value. The Spitfire Scout is compact, lightweight and easy to disassemble—perfect for taking wherever you want to go, either around the neighborhood or far from home.


    • 4.25 Mph. top speed and a 9 Mile maximum cruising range.
    • Comes with easy to remove, quick connect battery pack that can be charged separately from the scooter.
    • Includes two sets of easy-to-change color panels in red & blue.

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    Drive Medical

    Scooter Model

    Scout 3

    Scooter Model Number


    Top Speed

    4.25 Mph

    Seat Options

    Compact Foldable Seat

    Seat Width


1 Item

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These scooters feature a 3-wheel design and come with the capability to be easily transported for on-the-go users...