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If you are wanting to stay mobile and independent but without a walker, a single-point cane is a great alternative ...


If you are wanting a cane, but you desire a more stablity than a single-point cane, a quad cane may be the right choice...


These are the no-frills models that Medicare pays for. All models fold, making them easy to get in and out of the car or store ...


These are top of the line and come in with four-wheels, locking hand brakes, and baskets. They also offer a seat that's convenient ...


We offer a wide range of specialty walkers, from side-steppers to knee walkers. These diverse walkers fit almost every user need ...


If you're looking to upgrade your walker then this is the right area for you. We carry pounches and other items that will...

Welcome to A to Z Medical Equipment and Supplies Walking Aids Store! Whether it's time to get your first walking aid or maybe upgrade or replace an existing rollator walker, A to Z Medical Equipment has you covered. We carry all types of rolling walkers with handbrakes and a basket, we have plenty to choose from. Not sure whether to choose among the quad canes orrollators? The following brief overview should help get you on your way, but give us a call at +1 (214) 349-2869 and our expert staff will help you out if needed. Buy your mobility equipment with confidence where you can either pick it up in store OR have it delivered to your house by an A to Z Certified technician. Remember, we do not outsource or utilize any 3rd party delivery or sales like most online retailers do so you know when you purchase from us you're buying local and serviced local.


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