Drive Medical Gravity 9 Premium Pressure Redistribution Mattress

The Gravity 9 Premium Pressure Redistribution Mattress features a high-end design that aids in your long term care needs. The Gravity 9 has three full layers of foam to maximize comfort and pressure redistribution. The top layer features full-length open-cell, visco-elastic memory foam, while the bottom layer has full-length, horizontally-scored articulation cuts, which assist in the mattress’ longevity. The Gravity 9 features a 6” to 4” heel slope and “channel cut” center layer of foam, which assists in heel ulcer prevention. The high-density foam perimeter assists with safe and easy transfers out of the mattress. The Gravity 9’s stretch cover features a low shear design which is fire retardant, fluid proof, tear resistant and a breeze to clean. The optional elevated perimeter and cut-outs have two benefits: The elevated perimeters help to keep the user from falling out of the bed, while the cut-outs assist the user in getting off the bed when transferring.


  • High-density foam perimeter for easy transfer.
  • Fluid-proof cover protects mattress inside.
  • Full-length open-cell, visco-elastic memory foam top layer.
  • 6" to 4" heel slope and "channel cut" center layer of foam for ulcer prevention.

Key Specs

  • Weight Capacity: 450 Lbs.
  • Weight of Bed: 25 Lbs.

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More Information
Product Weight25 Lbs.
User Weight450 Lbs.

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For hygienic reasons, this item is non-returnable.

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Drive Medical Gravity 9 Premium Pressure Redistribution Mattress

This premium long term care option features a dynamic design, allowing for total comfort and pressure redistribution.


  • Full-length open-cell, visco-elastic memory foam top layer.
  • High-density foam perimeter for ease in transfers.
  • 6" to 4" heel slope and "channel cut" center layer of foam for ulcer prevention.

$365.00 $706.85
$365.00 $706.85
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