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Welcome to A to Z Medical Equipment and Supplies Power Wheelchair Store! Power wheelchairs offer freedom and mobility, helping you regain your independence. We are an authorized retailer for all power wheelchairs sold, and every chair sold is brand new and is covered by the manufacturer's warranty and service agreements. Buy your power wheelchair with confidence where you can either pick it up in store OR have it delivered to your house by an A to Z Certified Wheelchair technician. Remember, we do not outsource or utalize any 3rd party delivery or sales like most online retailers do so you know when you purchase from us you're buying local and serviced local.

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What Power Wheelchair is right for me?

Here at A to Z Medical Equipment we sell a large variety of Power Wheelchairs that are broken down into the following 3 types. If you need any assistance please do not hesitate to call our phone representative at 1-214-349-2869 and we will be happy to assist you through the buying process.

Portable Power Wheelchairs: Portable Power Wheelchairs or Travel Power Wheelchairs are built to be the most lightweight and durable wheelchairs possible. Most of these models are easily disassembled by removing the battery pack, seat, and base. Most of the parts are lightweight but you will find some lifting involved with the battery packs and base. You can find Transport Power Wheelchairs with seat sizes ranging from 16" to 20" widths depending on the manufacturer and model. You'll also find this grouping of Power Wheelchairs to be the most affordable so if you're needing a wheelchair to reclaim your mobility on a budget then we recommend starting here. Find out more here in our Transport Power Wheelchair FAQ

Standard/Full Sized Power Wheelchairs: Standard Power Wheelchairs are the most wide purpose built wheelchairs and come with various drive types an motor placements giving that allow you to customize your chair to fit your lifestyle. Available in seat sizes ranging from 16" - 22" in width depending on the manufacturer and model and options like suspension packages and electronic lifts, you will find a Power Wheelchair that can meet your needs. Standard Power Wheelchairs typically do not fold or disassemble so a lift or ramp is recommended for transporting these devices. Find out more here in our Standard Power Wheelchair FAQ

Heavy Duty Power Wheelchairs: Heavy Duty Power Wheelchairs are just like their standard power wheelchair sibling being that they are the most wide purpose built wheelchairs but instead are desined for a higher weight user (ranging from 300 Lbs. to 700 Lbs.) and offer seat sizes ranging from  20" - 32" in width depending on the manufacturer and model. Their larger mmotors and longer frames allow for an increased torque and with larger wheels they can handle rough terrain and steeper inclines. Find out more here in our Heavy Duty Power Wheelchair FAQ

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