Pediatric Standard Manual Wheelchairs
Standard Pediatric wheelchairs offer a variety of seat width and depths for a user with short term needs. Standard wheelchairs do not have a built-in growth kit or seat adjustability option so it is not recommended for long term use.
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Pediatric Ridgid Custom Manual Wheelchairs
Pediatric rigid wheelchairs are easier to propel and control, giving your child the freedom to fearlessly explore their world.
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Pediatric Folding Manual Wheelchairs
Pediatric folding ultra lightweight wheelchairs are ideal if your child has changing needs or your family needs a highly portable option for storing in tight spaces or transporting in your vehicle.
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Pediatric Tilt-in-Space Manual Wheelchairs
Designed specifically for kids, they are simple to use, reliable, and include built-in adjustments to keep up with your child as they grow! Tilt-in-space wheelchairs that provide comfortable and effective positioning for kids.
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