Medical Necessity

To get insurance coverage for Heavy Duty Electric beds, your insurance provider must determine you have a "medical necessity" for the equipment. This means you must have a condition that requires the equipment to prevent, diagnose, or treat and illness or injury.

Heavy Duty Hospital Bed

Heavy Duty Electric beds offer more convenience than do manual beds, making it much easier for one to move the position of the bed. With this type of bed, one is able to move the head and foot of the bed electronically, but still has to manually adjust the height of the bed via a crank. The benefit of Bariatric (Heavy Duty) hospital beds is that they can support weights much higher than standard beds. Rather than purchase a home hospital bed straight out, one can also rent a hospital bed and still receive financial assistance from Medicare. With current Medicare regulations, after 13 months of renting, the individual owns the bed.

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